Inside the Mind of a 4 Year Old

I want to give you a glimpse of how hilarious it is being around children sometimes and I will add to it from time to time so you can laugh with me. I also don’t want to forget these moments because life goes by way too fast. These are things that my 4 year old has said lately that had me cracking up!

When we were playing outside, he was showing me things he ‘learned in school’.

4yo: “I learned it in school when I was older and littler than this.”

(Keep in mind he is 4 and has never been to school or daycare since my husband is a stay at home dad.)

Mommy: “when you were in school?”

4yo: “Yeah. When I was more than 4 years old and not this big.”

“So you were in school?”


“Were other people in school with you?”

“Yes, but I don’t know who they were.”

“Did you have a teacher that taught you this stuff?”


“Was it daddy?”

“No it wasn’t daddy. It was someone else that doesn’t live in this house.”

While I was putting my two older kids to bed, my 4yo was getting concerned that someone might come in his room while he’s sleeping.

Mommy: “I promise. No one is going to come in your room. We won’t let anyone at all come in.”

4yo: “But what if a lion comes to the door and knocks down the door and wants to eat me?”

What I hear between my 4yo and our 100-pound dog…

Bark! “Hush!” Bark! “Hush!” Bark!

4yo: “Do you know what hush means? It means stop!”

(Our names are Jennifer and Blake. Normally just called mommy and daddy in our house.)

4yo: “To you and daddy and Jennifer and Blake? Am I big enough to say that? Am I big enough to say Jennifer and Blake in front of people?”

(I served dinner with only two carrots on his plate along with the rest of his supper.)

4yo: “What did I do to deserve two carrots?”

Mommy: “Well how many do you deserve?”

4yo: “Only one.”

4yo: “Are spiders afraid of ghosts?”

My 4yo was watching the road signs on the way home. He saw this sign and asked, “Does that sign mean there will be school buses here?” I said yes.

He saw this one and told me, “That sign means that there’s a railroad track on THAT side of the road (and pointed to the left side). And that box means if the train breaks down then there’s a place where they can get tools to fix the train.” (Talking about the black square beside the RR track.)

He saw this sign and said, “That means we can’t go faster than 35 or we’ll get a ticket.”

I said, “That’s right. What others ways could we get a ticket?”

He said, “By going through a red light or stop sign without stopping or driving over someone’s house.”


4yo: “The oven says 12:25… Now it says 12:26.”

Me: “ok I’m going as fast as I can.”

4yo: “Well I know you’re hurrying, but the oven is just going faster. Now it says 12:29.”

He just wanted to make sure I got back to work on time! 😆

My 4yo told me he has to go to work tomorrow. He works 5 days then he’s off 2. He works at a ‘struction site and fixes roads and signs when they’re broken.

He mentioned houses too. I asked if he was building us a new house and he said he would need a hammer and a drill and wood and glue and bricks to make a house. And he doesn’t have wood and glue and bricks so he can’t make houses. That’s why he builds roads and signs. Apparently, he gets off work at “25 o’clock” to come home. 😅

4yo: “Wanna hear me count to a million?”

We were reading about Heaven and I told them we won’t be sad anymore when we are there, we won’t get hurt anymore, we won’t get in trouble anymore…

4yo: “Can we make a mess??”

I laughed and said “well, I guess so”

4yo: (very excited) “and we won’t have to clean it up??” 😃

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