Surprise Visitor!

Once upon a time, I got the exciting news that a new person was going to live with us. We were several months away still when my husband and I got this news.

Impatiently we waited for the grand arrival. Now, the strange thing about this is we had no idea who this person was. We didn’t know their name yet, what they would look like or what their interests would be.

As time passed, we slowly began preparing our home for this new person. All we knew at first is that this person would not speak our language but would be completely helpless and dependent on us for a while. That seems like a difficult combination. As each day passed, we grew more excited and nervous about our life with this new person.

Later on, we learned this person would be a boy. Ok… Still nervous and curious, but excited about this situation. More and more time passed with both of us still having many questions.

Finally! The day came when we could meet this new person that was coming into our lives, and we couldn’t stop smiling and taking pictures of him!

It was such an exciting day and we knew our lives were forever changed after meeting this little boy, so we celebrated with our family and friends.

We welcomed this little boy into our home the best we could, while he still couldn’t speak our language, but it would be our job to teach it to him.

Eventually, this little person’s first words in our language were “Dada” and “Mama.” He was my baby boy. From the time I learned I was pregnant with this precious little baby, until his delivery, and still today, all of us have grown to love him more than we ever imagined.

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