The grass isn’t greener on the other side.

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” Is it? Is it an illusion? Or is it greener where they water it and intentionally take care of it?

I noticed at my college one day that the sprinklers were on and the area that had already been watered was literally greener than the other side. I looked closer and realized there was something in the water to make it like that.

I thought, that is just like reality. Things aren’t always as they seem. That couple that has weekly date nights and always holds hands in public that you just know doesn’t struggle like you do? That is the second marriage for one of them after an abusive relationship.

That mom that always seems so happy and could make friends with anyone? She lost a child to sickness and struggles with that loss everyday.

That friend at college that was always so bubbly and positive and could light up any room? She struggled with watching all her friends get married and make progress in their careers. At the same time, she still hasn’t found “the one” or figured out what she wants to do for a living.

That mom with so many kids that you “don’t know how she does it”? She has struggled with depression at times and overcome it as well as asking for help when she needs it.

So… no, things are not always what they seem. Everyone struggles with something. The mom you’re looking at with envy isn’t perfect. She just has a different struggle than you do. Or maybe even the same problems and she just doesn’t talk about them.

Why do we compare ourselves to others so much? It isn’t a race and there is no trophy for the “most perfect”.

When things seem so out of control, focus on what is good and what you can control. Pray, talk to a good friend, smile even when you don’t feel like it.

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