5 Quick Ways to Make Life Easier

As moms, we all go through the same good, bad, confusing, etc. parts of motherhood, right? Let’s help each other out if we’ve been there, done that, already. If you’re pregnant or on your first baby, here are some hacks that may help out.


When getting a baby ready for a bath, be prepared. Have the baby bathtub, sink, or whatever you are using ready with warm, but not too hot, water in it. Have your washcloths, soap, toys, and towel right beside the bath so you don’t have to go get them. Undress the baby last to avoid any accidents outside of the bath. While baby is in the water, never take your eyes and hands off of him or her, anything can happen in a split second. When you’re done, get the towel ready. I like to sit on my knees during the bath, hold the hood of the towel under my chin, and spread the towel out on my lap. That way, I can pick the baby up out of the water and sit him on my lap and quickly wrap the towel around him.


It is important to have enough diapers in their size. Some days babies go through twice as many diapers as other days due to accidents, upset stomach, or for many other reasons. If you have a diaper stash from a baby shower, great. Make sure some are close by before changing the baby. If you are the one buying them, my advice is to go ahead and buy a pack every payday so you never run out at an inconvenient time. Also, I tried my best to keep a couple diapers everywhere. Of course at the changing table, but also in my bedroom, in the diaper bag, and even in the car. You may even keep a couple at grandparents house if you go to visit often. It can’t hurt! Just make sure to use them all before moving up to the next size.


When you are pregnant or have a new baby, your memory goes out the window. Let me tell you, it is so helpful to keep a calendar or planner with you. Write down everything! Even things you are sure you won’t forget. Set alarms on your phone for even the simplest of things. When I had my 3rd baby, I completely skipped over the older kids’ appointment. Just totally forgot until like the next day. Write lists of what you need at the store. You may think you’ll remember, but you get there and the baby has a blowout and you forget what it was you went to the store for.

Grocery Shopping

Odds are at some point, you will be out grocery shopping with your baby. Your options are to carry the bulky carseat into the store with you to put in the cart or wear your baby in a carrier (unless you have someone else’s help to carry the baby for you). My advice is rather than getting the closest parking spot to the store, aim for the closest spot to the shopping cart corral. This will save you so much time and peace of mind. Even more so with additional kids. You can get out of the car and quickly grab a cart for them to ride in, or quickly put it away once the kids are in the car.

Bumco – “The Game Changers for Diaper Changers”

This little baby tool is awesome. It’s a spatula for applying diaper cream! Where has this been all our lives? It’s so annoying getting the diaper cream all over your fingers and under your nails. With this baby brush, you stay clean the whole time! It really is a “game changer” especially for diaper changes in public. Use my code, JENNIFERWEED to get 10% off.

What are some other mom-hacks you’ve found?

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