Planning a Birthday Party for Cheap!

If you’re like me, you think all kids should be celebrated and made to feel special. Whether it’s birthday, graduation, or anything else, kids are worth celebrating. (My 6 year old has been so excited to lose her first tooth. She wants to have a party when it finally falls out!)

Parties can be anywhere in the wide range from simple and cheap to fancy and elaborate. If your goal is to be inexpensive, it’s not that hard if you try. Kids won’t remember every detail of every party. They will remember who was there, the theme of the party, and the presents. Some of the extra stuff is great, but it’s still a celebration with or without it.

Check out this list of easy themes for kids birthday parties.

Here’s what I do…

A month or so ahead of time, my child and I decide on a theme. Something that represents them, or that they are interested in. Even a certain color can be a theme.

Depending on the theme, I might order a set of party supplies from Amazon, around $20 or less. Usually I look for a tablecloth, wall signs/banners, possibly plates and napkins, and possibly a cake/cupcake topper.

Many times I will shop through the dollar general or dollar tree to pick up forks, spoons, plates, napkins, and cups in a color that matches the theme. These are all cheap and just as good as the ones you could find at Amazon or Hobby Lobby.

If you have any creative bone in your body, I suggest making the cake or pulling a friend or family member in to make it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Little kids will not know any different, but will enjoy eating it. Another option is to make a bunch of cupcakes and let the kids decorate them for themselves. It doubles as the decorating and the activity for the kids!

Balloons are also an option! My daughter loves balloons and it’s almost as much a gift to her as the presents that are wrapped. We have started getting the number balloons in the last few years and it really adds to the party (and pictures). Even the dollar general sells them for cheaper than the party store as well as the plain colored balloons. I also havr used phrases written in balloons. My favorites were “Two Wild” for a jungle theme and “Two Fast” for a racecar theme. If you want to spring for a balloon arch or themed balloons, those are great, too!

Party planning doesn’t have to be hard. Check out this easy party planner to keep up with all the details!

As for the food, if you’re trying to save on money, I suggest not providing a full meal. Small snacks and finger foods are great. Sometimes I’ll get themed snacks (but not go overboard) just for fun. For example, we had a Frozen themed party and I picked up white cheetos in the shape of snowflakes. We had a rainbow unicorn party and I picked up the rainbow package of twizzlers. Then I may get a couple of 2 liter drinks in those colors.

When choosing the place the party is at, the cheapest options are the free ones, of course. Your house is easy because you don’t have to transport everything somewhere else. However, having your party anywhere else means that you don’t have to clean up!

Pinterest and asking friends can be great to help you get ideas for party decorations or food. Remember, if cheap is your goal, don’t go all out in every aspect of the party. Focus on what is important, the child! Everything else is… icing on the cake!

Now, onto the next party! Download this birthday tracker to keep up with all of the important birthdays in your family!

What else would you add to this list? What are your favorite party themes?

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