6 Games to Play on Road Trips

How many times have you gone on a family road trip and heard the famous, “are we there yet?” Or, “I’m bored!” Here are some alternatives to being bored or everyone bringing their own entertainment. Try playing these games with your family!

Animal Colors

Between everyone in the car, see if you can come up with an animal of each color. To make the game go on longer, name every animal you can think of for each color. Then you can name animals are that striped, spotted, etc. There can be lots of variations here.

ABC Animals

Go down the alphabet and name an animal that starts with each letter of the alphabet. It’s harder than you think!


Name a broad category and see how many items you can name in that category. For example, types of birds. Take turns with each person in the car.

Tell a Story

Take turns with each person adding a sentence or 2 to continue one long story. You never know where it will end up when everyone is involved!

20 Questions

In this game, one person picks an object and the rest of the group has 20 chances to ask questions to narrow down what the object is. The answers can only be yes or no.

Where Are You From? Game

See how many states you can find on the license plates you pass to know where everyone is driving from.

What other games have you enjoyed on road trips?

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