Are you one of “those” moms?

Have you ever noticed that we are all different kinds of moms? Have you ever thought maybe this was on purpose?

Me and my toddler at a train station. He was squealing with excitement to be there.

We each have a purpose and we each were paired with our kids for a very good reason. We shouldn’t look to other moms in envy, and say I wish I was THAT kind of mom. We shouldn’t change our nature to become somebody else.

Some moms are crafty. Some read to their children every night. Some take their kids on hikes and encourage their adventurous side.

My girls were decorating their own cookies at a party. I am definitely a crafty mom and that is something my kids enjoy doing with me.

Some moms exercise together with their kids and eat only organic, while others enjoy cooking and baking together.

Just kidding. But I’m definitely more of a “let’s bake cookies” mom than a “let’s eat healthy” mom.

All of these are great kinds of moms! While we can definitely be inspired to do something another mom does, we should not feel guilty about who we are, just because we are not like that person.

We should not try to be all the same, because we weren’t made the same. Have you noticed how fast food restaurants all offer each other’s foods? Taco Bell now serves fries. Dunkin now serves breakfast tacos. The coffee shop now serves soup.

Those restaurants, and we as moms, should specialize in what we’re good at and what we’re known for… not for what everyone else is doing. You can’t be everything, anyway.

Some moms are stay at home moms and can go visit the school and attend field trips.  Other moms are working outside of the home and can afford extra equipment for their kids’ sports.

Some moms gained the title of mom unexpectedly while others always dreamed of having kids.

Many of the things that make us the mom we are today are due to our past, our own childhood, where we live, or other factors. We should only look to other moms to share wisdom and encouragement, not to compare or call ourselves a failure for not being just like them.

Think about how your two hands are similar but different, and work well together. It wouldn’t do to have two left hands and no right hand. In the same way, we are similar but different kinds of mom and can lean on each other to do the things we can’t do.

I don’t know who said this quote, but it sums up everything I feel about motherhood.

I could go on and on about our differences. In the end, as long as you love and care for your kids, you are exactly the mom they need.

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