Family Notebook

Do you need a place to keep track of important things? A family notebook can be really helpful to keep track of dates, money spent on certain things, etc. For example, I would put in our notebook a list of the recent car repairs and add to it each time I go again. You may want to include any or all of these pages in your family’s notebook.

I started my family notebook by finding one of those old trapper keepers. You know, the 3 ring binder that zips around the outside? I thought that would be perfect for a family notebook, so it will keep everything inside! First, I put a pack of dividers in it and labeled them. That way, you can easily find the section you want. Then I put some blank paper at the back and blank envelopes and stamps in the front pocket.


If everyone that would have access to the notebook can be trusted with all the important passwords, this might be a good place to keep them so you can always find what you need.

Car repairs

If you keep track of car repairs, such as oil changes or replacing a tire, it will be easier to know when to expect to have to go again. This list would include date, work done, place, and amount spent. I have created an easy car repair tracker here!

Visits to the vet

It’s the same as with car repairs. It would be a good idea to keep a list of the last time your pet got their shots and where it was done. Check out this quick way to track your visits to the vet!


Keep a calendar in your notebook so that everyone can add to it for their own events, appointments, trips, etc. Speaking of calendar, I like to keep track of the times and days that I give my children their medicine so I don’t forget. Check out this medicine tracker for one central place to keep up with it! You can print it out as many times as you need it.


It may be easy enough to remember the birthdays in your household, but a list of your extended family’s birthdays and friends’ birthdays would keep you from forgetting and causing an awkward situation. Here is a handy birthday tracker to keep up with that! Speaking of birthdays, I plan my little kids’ birthday parties to be fun, but simple. I have put together a birthday planning template to keep track of all the important details!

Annual, or semi-annual, appointments or payments

For example, if you want to write down dental checkups or other annual checkups, then you could easily see when they need to be scheduled again. Renewing the car tag also happens annually, so this would be a good place to write down when it gets renewed and how much you spent.


If you want the family to be on the same page when it comes to money, you may want to put a copy of the budget in a place like this where everyone can see it. is a great budgeting tool, even for the people that don’t like numbers or spreadsheets.

Check out this article of ways to save your family money!

Family trips/bucket list

It’s a great idea to have a place where each member of the family can put in their opinion as to where they might like to take a family trip. This way, the family can make concrete plans to go to at least one of these places when the time comes to plan a family vacation. Add this family bucket list to your notebook to gather each person’s dream trip and start planning!

What else would you add to your family notebook to keep everything organized in one place?

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2 thoughts on “Family Notebook

  1. I can never remember when the dog gets need to go in for her checkup/vaccines. We recently moved and I haven’t got a reminder…I really do need a place to put all the things that aren’t always on my mind!

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